INEC: Moving Towards Higher Grounds

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INEC: Moving Towards Higher Grounds
as  Coop Marks 40th Foundation Anniversary

The Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative, Inc. (INEC) in line with “INEC@40” referring to its 40th foundation anniversary, lined up five major activities for July 2011.


            altJumpstarting the very busy month was a seminar –workshop of the Multi-Sectoral Electrification Advisory Council (MSEAC) of INEC on July 2, 2011 at the Pamulinawen Hotel, San Nicolas Ilocos Norte. The MSEAC is composed of a  10 member cross section for  each of the 11 districts of INEC representing the different sectors namely; Agro-fishery, Barangay Council, Business, Civic, Education, Local Government, Media, Religious, Youth and Women who are tasked to look after the interest of their respective members and to update and advise their directors and INEC as well for better implementation of our programs.

               Serving as keynote speakers were Director Milagros Quinajon of the National Electrification Administration (NEA) who discussed the role of NEA in the operation of electric cooperatives. On the other hand, Atty. Maria Corazon Gines, Director III of Consumer Welfare Services, Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) delved extensively on the role of ERC in the electricity industry and operation of electric cooperatives.



             At the  same date, in the afternoon,  Representative Imelda R. Marcos  of  the
2nd District of Ilocos Norte led  the unveiling of  the bust of former president  Ferdinand  
Marcos at the INEC main office in Dingras, Ilocos Norte. This indeed is very timely if only 
to recognize his role befitting that of a “Father Of Rural Electrification”  sobriquet  whose
program is widely acknowledged as the best in so far as government’s endeavors is concerned.






              INEC likewise hosted a grand reunion for the pioneers and retirees on July 4 where over a hundred participants led by former General Manager Oswaldo Parado attended in a glittering passion, also at the Pamulinawen hotel. Tears of joy, laughter and display of genuine emotion were the order of the day. This became very evident the moment a video presentation was shown depicting the early struggles of the pioneers and great awe at the conclusion where the employees formed the INEC diorama with the deep blue sea in the background.




          alt   On July 7, INEC reached a milestone in its 40th Foundation Anniversary with the theme “Moving Towards Higher Grounds” again at the Pamulinawen Hotel, with no less than NEA Administrator Edita Bueno as the guest of honor and speaker with 1CARE Party List representative Michael Angelo Rivera as special guest.

            Administrator Bueno expressed her elation in this event where she acknowledged the pivotal role of INEC in bringing progress to the province. Likewise, she congratulated the entire INEC family for maintaining the Class A+ Category, Mega large Cooperative since 2004. However, she challenged the Board and that of the Management Staff to reduce the system loss to a single digit level.

            Congressman Rivera for his part thanked INEC for the invitation as one of the celebration’s special guest. He lauded the Board of Directors and the Management Staff on how they made INEC on top proving the many achievements and awards they received.

            Likewise, Rivera promised to give two service vehicles for INEC from his personal money this coming November.

           For his part, INEC General Manager Engr. Renato A. Balintec expressed his appreciation to all employees of INEC for their unity and dedication.

        Likewise, Balintec on behalf of the INEC family expressed his gratitude to NEA Administrator Bueno, 1CARE Party List Congressman Rivera, ISECO OIC Egdon Sabio, Batac City Mayor Jeffrey Nalupta and all visitors who made the occasion successful.

            INEC board president Reynaldo  Lazo also thanked all visitors who attended and graced this year’s 40th foundation anniversary of INEC.


             Wrapping up the month long activities is the graduation of 42 successful aspirants in the Basic Lineman Training Course I at the INEC Main Office, Suyo, Dingras, Ilocos Norte on July 25, 2011.

            This month long training was conducted by INEC under the auspicies of NEA. Serving as guest speaker is Dr. Adolben Flores, Director of MAG-Supervision and Assessment office, NEA who lauded the graduates and likewise acknowledged the role of INEC in ensuring the passing of baton to future warriors of light, the linemen. On hand were the NEA training team led by Engr. Nelson Lalas and Rolando Olayres, master trainor and assistant trainor respectively.

         Gracing the occasion are the INEC top brass, led by the BOD President Reynaldo M. Lazo and General Manager, Engr. Renato A. Balintec, friends, relatives and visitors of the successful trainees.


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